May You Live In Interesting Times

  May You Live In Interesting Times You may not like vampires in your fiction because of the blood sucking and the biting…and well, you may just simply be sick of them.  They’re everywhere in romance these days, and they’re endlessly sexy and often omnipotent. But I continue to write about them because of their

Vampires and Immortality...Just One Teeny Problem I love vampires to pieces.  I did a big researched article about them a few months ago, called “Will Vampires Never Die?” when I was trying to figure out just why so many other readers couldn’t get enough of ‘em either. We figured out that at their core, the

Get Cozy with Santa Baby and Berengaria Brown

My guest today is Berengaria Brown, who is offering herself up for torture for a second time, here at my place.  :) Berengaria not only writes MMF romances with the most delicious covers on them (look to the left) and the hardest to resist blurbs, she writes a lot of them.  She has had TWO

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