The Mother Road No Longer a Highway

Route 66

On this day in 1985, Route 66 was officially removed from the US State Highway System, when it was finally and completely by-passed by the Interstate system.

Route 66 is probably one of the most famous routes in the United States and has been featured in fiction and the movies, including the animated movie Cars.

It was dedicated to Will Rogers in 1952, and the alternative official name is the Will Rogers Highway.

There are still some travellers who use Route 66 to cross the mid-west, as a history-soaked remnant of the late 20th century.


4 thoughts on “The Mother Road No Longer a Highway”

  1. We traveled on it waaaaaay before there was an Interstate system. 😀 Actually, until I was in my teens we didn’t use Interstates very much. Thanks for reminding me!

    1. Hi Anny:

      During my one time and only road trip down into the States (so far), we used the Interstate system almost exclusively. It’s an impressive network…but if we had gone anywhere near Route 66, we would have detoured just to drive it, as both of us have heard bits and pieces about its history.



  2. Lived and traveled on 66 for most of my life, truly a shame that it was totally bypassed. There are so many small quaint towns that still live, and should be visited to see how life used to be!

    1. Hi Michele:

      I do know that some people “tour” Route 66 just for that reason — to take a trip back in time.



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