Pulse Pause Moments: Vikings

I’ve been writing about Vikings in one form or another for quite a few years now. (If you’re curious, there’s a list of Viking related stories I’ve written here.) One of the things that interests me the most is the achievements of the Vikings. They reached as far as America in their open long ships,

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Vikings Weren’t Really Vikings

When you hear the name “Viking” you tend to think of the fierce warriors who conquered most of Europe and even places as remote as North America, invading lands by sea, upon their distinctive long ships. Included in that image are all the families they left behind. Just like the horns on their helmets, “Vikings”

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My Life–Working Notes

It seems like the site host that is currently hosting my site is feeling kindly – I haven’t been suspended yet. But I’ve also been a good little blogger, not using any plug-ins beyond the most rudimentary functionality.  No bells or whistles. So for now, the blog posts are rolling on.  It’s nice that something

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Watching History Unfold

Watching History Unfold Vampires get to watch history go by.  Just because they live for decades and centuries, they witness the unfolding of human affairs and can observe the changing of society over time.  There is a lot about a vampire’s life that would be utterly miserable, including watching humans you love wither and die

Step Further Back Into Ancient History

For the longest time, medieval historical periods have been the favourite playground for romance writers – lords and ladies, knights, kings and queens and all the derring-do and darling, don’t, along with some really frightening civil wars led by slightly crazy to downright deranged princes and military advisors. It’s the stuff of…oh, yeah.  Books. Personally,

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