VISTARIA HAS FALLEN Is Free Today…But Only for Kobo Readers (Sort Of).

I'd like to tell you about a great promo, only it's very nearly invisible. Kobo are running one of their week-long promos in their newsletter -- only. Vistaria Has Fallen is part of the promo and is free for the length of the promo, which finishes on February 26th. However, to access the promo code, you

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Freebies For the Month

So what's good and free right now...? Mine, All Mine (Fated for Love Book 1) by Ella J. Quince #1 in Regency Romance right now. ____ And I just have to add this in here, too.  Forbidden, as I write this post, is *#6*.  That's very cool.  Look! ________ The Duke and the Dryad (Elemental

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The Contest To Make Up For All The Other (Non) Contests

There's been a few oopses and disappearing blog posts over the last couple of weeks, and giveaways that were promised that didn't happen, despite a flurry of steaming emails being traded behind the scenes.  It's a risk that occurs with every new blog site I guest at, until I learn how the people there like

On the Road – Risque Reviews (and Giveaway)

I was filleted and laid out to fry by Risque Reviews.  Check out the results for yourself.  I didn't exactly hold myself back.  :)  It was nice to be asked some tough, interesting questions. Oh, and I'm giving away goodies, too. Come and see. t.  

I’m giving away BLOOD KNOT again. It’s going to be a bonanza weekend…

The first book in the Blood Stone vampire romance series, Blood Knot, I'll be dropping down to $0.00 for Saturday and Sunday only. If you missed out last time I offerred Blood Knot for free, this is your next and last chance. When I put the book for free the first time, it hit the

My Big Contest at The Romance Studio End of Summer Bash

They're handing out freebies and giveaways like candy in The Romance Studio party room.  You'd think it was Halloween. I've added to the calorie overload, and I don't want you to miss out.  I've spelled out the entry requirements in my post in the party room, which comes with a bonus excerpt, to boot. Basically,

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