Uh-Oh…Now I’ve Done It.

I couldn't help myself.  I did it again. What, do you ask? I set a book in Canada.  In the Rockies.  Again. Can't help myself.  I have to break out every now and again and put in a bloody great rock or two as a backdrop. :) For those of you familiar with the Destiny's

I’m Ranking in Australia!

So this is very cool. The anthology collection of the first three books in the Destiny's Trinities series, The First Trinity, is currently #4 on the Fantasy Anthologies list at Amazon.AU! Of course, I'm biased, but I'm so pleased that readers are discovering my books in Aussieland. Hi to everyone down there -- hope you're

Cora’s Secret – Destiny’s Trinities Book 4 – Now out!

There was only ever supposed to be three parts to this series, but once I recovered from the cyber-bruising around my wrist, I got to work plotting out the next steps in the war against the Grimoré, and voila, Cora’s Secret came to be. I must admit it was good to step back into this

My Life/Working Notes – April 30, 2015

It feels like a while since I did one of these. Anyway, Viennese Agreement has been launched, yay!   And behind the scenes, where I write madly away whenever someone will let me, I just finished the manuscript for the fourth book in the Destiny’s Trinities series. Cora’s Secret was challenging to write. Everyone in the

THE FIRST TRINITY – Destiny’s Trinities Anthology – MMF Vampire Urban Fantasy Romance — Now out!

With this release, I come to the last of my re-releases of previously published titles.  Now, I have all my books ever written published under my own imprint. It's been an adventurous couple of years since I took that first scary plunge into indie publishing. It was such a good risk to take!  I hear

DELLY’S LAST NIGHT – Short Romantic Suspense – Free Today and Tomorrow.

Delly's Last Night is a short erotic novel - an MF romantic suspense that features a professional thief on the last night of her career. This will be the last night in the life of Delly Alexander. A talented cat thief, Delly cracks one safe too many. The safe belongs to an old enemy, Neal

SERA’S GIFT – Book 3, Destiny’s Trinities – Now out!

I'm still in love with the covers... :) Book three of the series is now out for your reading pleasure. Winner of The Romance Studio’s 5 Hearts Sweetheart Award. Night Owl Reviews’ Reviewers Top Pick MMF urban fantasy romance. Contemporary settings. Available in all the popular ebook formats. No print edition (it’s too short!), but

BETH’S ACCEPTANCE – MMF Urban Fantasy Romance – Free Until Sunday

Beth's Acceptance is free for the next three days. ___ EROTIC MMF MENAGE URBAN FANTASY SERIES 2009 CAPA Finalist for Best Erotic Paranormal Romance. Night Owl Romance Reviewer’s Top Pick MMF romance. Contemporary settings. Pages: 110 in PDF, including front matter (Novella length) ___ Beth’s Acceptance is the first book in the Destiny’s Trinities series:

MIA’S RETURN is now *properly* available at Amazon

Mia's Return Whatever the issue was, Amazon isn't saying.  But the price seems to have mysteriously fixed itself and now is showing at $2.99. Mia has finally returned.  :) ______ Alex has a past he’d rather no one learns about…until Mia returns. Ten years ago Alexander hungered for Mia Menendez and for a

MIA’S RETURN – MMF Vampire Urban Fantasy Romance – now out!

I just love the covers for this new series!  Dar Albert does it again! The second book in the Destiny's Trinities series, Mia Return, is now available. Hope you're hooked already!  It just gets better from here on. ______ Alex has a past he’d rather no one learns about…until Mia returns. Ten years ago Alexander

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