SERA’S GIFT – Book 3, Destiny’s Trinities – Now out!

seras-gift-web-copyI’m still in love with the covers… 🙂

Book three of the series is now out for your reading pleasure.

Winner of The Romance Studio’s 5 Hearts Sweetheart Award.
Night Owl Reviews’ Reviewers Top Pick

  • MMF urban fantasy romance.
  • Contemporary settings.
  • Available in all the popular ebook formats. No print edition (it’s too short!), but there will be a print anthology later in 2013
  • Pages: 115 in PDF, including front matter (Novella length)

This series was previously released under the Teal Ceagh pen name. This new, fresh edition is being released under my real name.


Sera’s Gift is the third book in the Destiny’s Trinities series:
Book 1: Beth’s Acceptance  (To be released September 20, 2013)
Book 2: Mia’s Return (to be released October 4, 2013)
Book 3: Sera’s Gift (to be released October 18, 2013)

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Letting go is sometimes the only gift love has left to give.

Sera arrives in New York to help Lindál, but a vampeen attack brings her face to face with two men and changes her life forever.

Diego Savage lives up to his name.  Cynical, rebellious and a womanizer, he doesn’t believe in the trinities at all. Only a handful of people know the truth about his scarred heart and terrible past, and it would take a miracle for him to change.  A miracle, or someone like Sera with her special gift.

Blake Harvey, dedicated NYC police lieutenant, takes one look at the tall, supple woman with the crystal blue eyes and glowing skin and knows his life is about to change in ways he can’t even define, but his body is already responding to with a power that is hard to deny.

The bonding has begun…

Warning:  This story features two super hot alpha heroes, multiple sex scenes, including anal sex, MM sexual play, and MMF sex.  Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you.
No non-humans were harmed except for large numbers of Grimoré, who died with satisfactory squeals…

A beautiful story with great characters and a red hot storyline. I am delighted to add this book to my keeper collection and recommend this book to others. Night Owl Reviews

Just as extraordinary as the first two books.  Flawlessly plotted, thoroughly refreshing as well as entertaining. The Romance Studio

More than delivered on the promise of the first two installments of the trinities. This last one is not only to date her best one, but also her most defining one. The depth she put into these new characters and added to the the existing ones made this a truly good read. Alternative Read.

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