THE FIRST TRINITY – Destiny’s Trinities Anthology – MMF Vampire Urban Fantasy Romance — Now out!


THE FIRST TRINITY – Destiny’s Trinities Anthology – MMF Vampire Urban Fantasy Romance — Now out!


The First TrinityWith this release, I come to the last of my re-releases of previously published titles.  Now, I have all my books ever written published under my own imprint. It’s been an adventurous couple of years since I took that first scary plunge into indie publishing.

It was such a good risk to take!  I hear stories about other authors’ woes with traditional publishers, their fight to publish as much as they write, and some of the truly horrendous stories about authors trying to get the rights back on their books, and I think I have been very lucky.

Next year, my release schedule will slow down considerably, as I will have to write every title I release.  So I hope you have enjoyed this glut of titles for Christmas 2013!

And now, the last title for the year, available in print and ebook, for the collectors among you, I present The First Trinity:

The bonding has begun…

Ancient prophecies shared amongst vampires, elves and other ancient races foretell the coming of the Grimoré, the forming of trinities…and those who will lead them, and all the races, to victory.

The trinities are bound by sex and sealed by blood.  The binding changes each participant in subtle and permanent ways, giving them gifts and talents to face the threat of the Grimoré.

In one special edition, the first three trinities are collected and presented in print and ebook:


Beth’s Acceptance

Can she accept the destiny being thrust at her?

Darkly sinful Zachariah has been driving Beth crazy with need.  The mysterious Luke at her day job won’t stay out of her sweaty fantasies. Fate hands Beth the chance to bond with both via sex. Both of them together is irresistable.  But the bond has a price. The world Beth knows is not quite real.  Can she accept the price asked of her?

Mia’s Return

Alex has a past he’d rather no one learns about…until Mia returns.

Ten years ago Alexander and Mia were together for a single day before tragedy struck. Now Mia is back, and no man has stirred her heart since. The tragic truth could kill her.  Wyatt, demon hunter, hates Alexander and his kind.  One look at Mia and his angry heart begins to melt and his body to rouse in ways he’s long forgotten.

The bonding has begun…

Sera’s Gift

Letting go is sometimes the only gift love has left to give.

A vampeen attack changes Sera’s life forever.  Diego is cynical, rebellious and a womanizer. Very few know about his terrible past. It would take a miracle for him to change…or someone like Sera with her special gift.
Blake, NYC police lieutenant, meets Sera and knows his life is about to change in ways he can’t even define.

The bonding has begun…

Warning:  These stories feature two super hot alpha heroes, multiple sex scenes, including anal sex, MM sexual play, and MMF sex.  Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you.
No non-humans were harmed except for large numbers of Grimoré, who died with satisfactory squeals…

…a dark and delightfully erotic new series that sizzles in passion and crackles in danger.

…a mystified world filled with paranormal evil and danger that is absolutely riveting…

…the sensual world filled with danger, suspense, passion and a few secrets that all work in perfect harmony for a captivating story…

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The First Trinity now

Enjoy the read!


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