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Years and years ago, I had a long discussion with readers about the romantic possibilities of gargoyles.  I just don’t find gargoyles even remotely interesting as romantic material, but readers kept urging me to find a way.

The Stonebrood Saga was my response to those requests.  And yeah, I fudged it a bit.  The gargoyles are the bad guys, while vampires and human hunters fight them.  But this still ended up one of my favorite series, and features another long lasting vampire couple, Nick and Damien.  By the end of the series, there was a lot of hunting lore built into the series, and a huge amount of history.

The Stonebrood Saga

Carson’s Night and Beauty’s Beasts are books 1 and 2 of the series, and they’re discounted to 99c/99p for Amazon US and UK readers, until August 2nd.


If you can’t or won’t shop at Amazon US/UK

Don’t worry–I’ve got you covered. As soon as all my books are “wide” (i.e., not in Kindle Unlimited and available everywhere), I will set up another discount deal for you, one that does let you get the books! Just hang in there a bit longer.

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