Will Vampires Never Die?

Will Vampires Never Die? Another recovered, but still relevant, article.  This one from August 2010. -t. Will vampires ever die?  Technically, no they won’t, depending on who you’re reading—unless they get staked, or decapitated.  Sometimes even that’s not enough to kill them.  And that appears to be part of their charm. Something draws us to

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Vampire Powers – Mental Domination. Let’s talk about it again.

This post first appeared on the blog in March 2012.  It was, alas, one of the final posts in a series I wrote about vampire powers. [The very last post in the series, if you're curious, was "Vampire Powers – Holy Objects, Garlic", in June of that year.] The earlier posts in the series were

Erotic Romance on TV and Film – It’s a Trade Off

Drama on TV has become edgier and more absorbing by the minute these days.  They're pushing the envelope every year in terms of storylines, and once you move beyond the big four Mom & Pop networks, anything goes in terms of content. That's not to say it's gratuitous, but production companies use the lack of

Pulse Pause Moment: Bill and Sam in TRUE BLOOD

Pulse Pause Moment: Bill and Sam in True Blood The True Blood TV series is not known for pulling sexual punches, but because it is so frank about sex, sexual tension is often missing. Sexual tension is one of the most delicious ingredients in romance novels.  The “will they now?” question that sits in the

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Vampire Powers – Mental Domination

Vampire Powers - Mental Domination Continuing the Vampire Powers series, this time we're looking at mental domination, also known as mind rolling, mental persuasion and various other names, depending upon the author. Not every author allows their vampires to have the ability to mentally dominate others, or allow all their vampires to have the power

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