Leaves, holidays and big ships


It’s Labour Day here in Canada and also in the US. Normally, I use holidays like this to write all day (one of my personal pleasures). But my mother arrives in Canada on Friday, and my house is still recovering from renovation chaos (we’re still trying to get last minute stuff done). So I know that I will be working my butt off today, cleaning and deep cleaning and decluttering and…<sigh>

Surely, that qualifies as a Labour Day….


Titanic_wreck_bowAlmost twenty years ago today, the Titanic was found off the coast of Newfoundland, in 1985.

The debris field around the ship covers nearly five square miles, and includes many personal possessions of crew and passengers. There have also been a vast number of proposed schemes to raise the wreck, but after a century on the ocean floor, it is now too fragile to lift.

Are you planning on watching Titanic today? 🙂


It’s September 1st, which means it is the first official day of autumn (fall, to you American folk), here in the northern hemisphere.

It’s going to be a great fall for me; my mum will get to see turning leaves for the first time ever, before she goes back to Australia.   I’m also hoping (don’t shoot me) for a very early first snow fall here in Alberta, so she gets to see snow, too. It can melt the day after, for all I care, but it would be great for her to see snow falling, just once…




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