My Life/Working Notes – November 3, 2014

THE BRANDED ROSE -- This is a step-back cover.  Click on the cover image to see the step-back panorama
THE BRANDED ROSE — This is a step-back cover. Click on the cover image to see the step-back panorama

By the time you read this, The Branded Rose Prophecy should be finished and moved into the production process. I haven’t changed the release date on the book’s page yet, because when I wrote this blog post, I was still trying to wrap it up. I’m within a quarter-of-an-inch of finishing it and don’t want to jinx getting to The End by jumping the gun and announcing a solid release date.

If you notice that there IS a solid release date on the Upcoming Page and the book’s page, that means I’ve finished the sucker (finally!) Although I suspect that when I do type “The End”, I will be capering and bouncing and telling the entire world. This book has been a major marathon!

Regardless of when the book is released, if you would like a personalized notice sent to your in-box the day of release (which is before anyone else in the world gets to hear, even blog subscribers), then sign up for my New Book Release Announcement list.

And here’s a mini-snippet, flash excerpt, just to tease you.


Copyright © TRACY COOPER-POSEY, 2014
All Rights Reserved

Asher slipped into the darkened room and stood at the back, listening as the graduates’ names were called. “Rick Lemora,” was the next one called. So they were still to come to the Ms. He hadn’t missed her walking across the stage.

He looked around the very full auditorium. There were parents standing at the back and along the sides, just like he was. He looked for Darwin, who would be easy to spot because of his height, working systematically from the front row to the back, and finally found him standing on the right side, a camera in his hands. He was watching Asher and as Asher spotted him, he nodded and turned his attention back to the stage.

So did Asher. There was a sinuous line of kids in caps and gowns, from the far right of the stage, snaking back to the wings and further on into the dark. Charlee’s graduating class had over four hundred kids in it. It would take a while for them to all cross the stage, take their diplomas and shake the Principal’s hand. But Asher could already see Charlee in the line-up. She was taller than anyone next to her, and stood like a slender sapling, watching the others walk the stage rather than talking to anyone. Her hair had been looped up in to some sort of elegant knot at the back of her head, beneath the brim of the mortar board cap. Even capped and gowned in identical fashion to everyone else, she still stood out like neon.

Finally, her name was called. She walked across the stage, her long legs swinging easily under the gown and shook York’s hand with a small nod of her head. It was as if she was choosing to accept the diploma.

Asher found he was clapping harder than anyone around him, the heat and tension in his chest catching him by surprise. I’m just proud of her, he told himself. And he was. But it was the degree and fierceness of his pride that puzzled him.

Once Charlee had climbed down the steps and was seated with the other graduates, Darwin worked his way past the other standing parents until he reached Asher’s side. “Step out for a minute,” he said shortly.

They pushed passed waiting parents and went out into the foyer. There were more people out here, too. Darwin went over to the seat in the lounge area. The bar itself was closed, the metal grill rolled down and padlocked, the area behind it dark.

Darwin threw himself into one of the chairs and waved to the other.

“Something you couldn’t discuss over the phone?” Asher asked, sitting down.

“I don’t trust those cell phone things,” Darwin said. “Who’s to stop people from listening in?”

“It doesn’t work like CB radio.”

“I wanted to see your face when I told you, anyway,” Darwin said.

“Tell me what?”

“She’s not going to college.” Darwin scowled.

“Why the hell not?” Asher demanded. “She’s been dreaming, working towards it for years! What happened?”

“You tell me, hero.”

Asher caught his breath. “What?”

“What?” Darwin asked, puzzled.

“What did you just call me?”

“A polite form of asshole. This has something to do with you.”

“Her not going to college? I haven’t spoken to her for weeks.” Not since the prom. Even now, just thinking about it made his heart start thudding, and not in a good way. He savagely shoved the memory away and looked at Darwin expectantly. He certainly had not talked her out of college. Of course she had to go.



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