Working Notes – ROMANI ARMADA

romani-armada-print-copyLess than a month before the third book in the vampire menage time travel series, Beloved Bloody Time, hits the virtual shelves.

Romani Armada is BIG — it’s very long, with a sprawling canvas and dozens of characters (all your favourites are back).  Major time upheavals are included free of charge.

Here’s a flash snippet to stir your interest:


Oslo, Sweden, 2264 A.D.

Deonne straightened up from the impact of landing as Tally let her go.  “Thank you for bringing me back here, Natalia.  I know…well, I don’t know.  I can’t imagine how difficult things are for you, so I appreciate you acting as courier for me.  It’s so good to be home.”

Tally gave a ghost of a smile.  “I like to stay busy right now.  It keeps my mind occupied.  I think I’d go crazy, otherwise.  When you’re ready to go back, I’d be happy to jump you back, too.  I always liked China.”  She pushed the door of the arrival chamber open.

Deonne looked around at the arrival reception, which was sparse and neat.  “Where is home, this time?”

“Sweden.  Do you know any Scandinavian languages?  Common hasn’t really taken off here.”

“Not at all.”

Tally gave another of her small smiles.  “Maybe Justin does.”

Deonne caught her breath.  “He’s here?  He’s coming to the meeting?”  Her whole body seemed to pulse and her breath halted as she waited for Tally’s confirmation.  She halted and Tally was forced to turn and look back at her.

“Justin is here,” Tally replied.

The wave of joy that swept through Deonne almost burned in its intensity.  She scrabbled for breath as her eyes stung.  Even her knees seemed to weaken.

“Are you okay?” Tally asked, stepping closer.  She reached out to touch Deonne’s arm, but didn’t quite connect.  She peered into her face.  “Are you crying?” she asked, her voice very soft.

“No!”  Deonne shook her head and tried to smile, but her senses were all scrambled.  She glanced around for witnesses to her humiliation.

“You’re safe,” Tally assured her.  “No one comes back here unless they’re heading for the chambers.”

Deonne walked over to the window and gripped the sill, drawing in air and regathering her composure.  Tally stepped up next to her.  “He’s really under your skin, hmm?”

“Is that where he is?  Most of the time, he’s nowhere to be seen.”  She pummeled the windowsill.  “Damn him.”


Romani Armada will be released on September 6.


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