Working Notes – June 5, 2015

time machineI’ve been immersed in time travel stories lately.

As I write this post, I’m teetering on the very edge of finishing Beloved Bloody Time 4. It now has a name: Spartan Resistance.

(And as I post this post, I’m finished!!)

Any guesses who the Spartan is the title is referring to? BBT readers will know this for sure….


In the next few days I will be putting up a page for the book, and with a bit of luck, a cover, too. I can’t wait to see what Dar Albert does with this one!


As soon as I’ve finished Spartan Resistance, I’ll be rolling right over into writing the first Time Kissed Moments anthology. These are short stories, snippets and more, from the Kiss Across Time series.

Included in the anthology will be the almost flash fiction short story, Missing, that I have had up on my site for a while as a free download. Once the anthology comes out, I’ll be removing the story from the site to get rid of the duplication and so readers who are new to the series aren’t confused.

Also as part of the anthology is the novella I mentioned a few weeks ago, “Time and a Third”, which features Brody and Veris only a few years after the events in Kiss Across Swords.

Plus, I received a request from a reader a while ago, asking “whatever happened to Andy from the first story?” (Kiss Across Time). So I thought I would do a little story about what happened to Andy once he started working for Brody’s band.

Do you have any lingering questions about whatever happened to xxx? Or, whatever happened after xxx? Has anything ever been mentioned about a character’s past, things that happened before the story, or events you never got to see play out in real time that you’d just love to see?

Let me know. I’ll add it to the list!  Drop your request into comments, below, or email me!


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