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vikings 1It seems like the site host that is currently hosting my site is feeling kindly – I haven’t been suspended yet.

But I’ve also been a good little blogger, not using any plug-ins beyond the most rudimentary functionality.  No bells or whistles.

So for now, the blog posts are rolling on.  It’s nice that something is flowing smoothly at the moment.

I have four major projects on my hands, two of them to do with my books and two of them personal projects.

The two personal projects are sewing projects that were promised for Christmas…last year.  So I’m very keen to get these finished.  They’re both in the half-way stage while I organize further supplies.

The two writing-related projects…well, one of them you already know about:  Rebuilding this site so it looks and is clean, efficient and above all, pretty.  That’s involving a massive load of recoding and reorganizing.

The site rebuild has also been pushed to the back-burner for a bit, in favour of project #4.

Project #4 is a book I’m writing.  I can’t give you much information right now, except that remember I was reading a lot about Vikings and Norse mythology a while ago?   There, that’s the big hint.

In a few weeks or so, I may be in a position to offer snippets and a blurb.  But right now, it’s very nebulous.  The scale of this story is huge.  The epic proportions means everything is taking longer than I’m used to – more time to research, more time to plot….

I’m pretty sure you’ll love the final outcome, though!

2 thoughts on “My Life–Working Notes”

  1. Do you have any plans to do another book in the Trinity series? I finished them and it looks like there is an opening for another. /grin. . . so thought I would check. . 🙂 LOVED that series by the way!!

    1. Hi Lisa:

      Yes, I think I will add to the series. There’s a few story strings left trailing that bother me — including nearly nine months of the war with the Grimore. Lots of readers have asked for more specifics about the war (they want to see battle scenes … who knew romance readers were so blood thirsty?), which is something I couldn’t do inside very short novellas. At the time I wrote these first three, I had length restrictions. But that restriction is no longer there, so I feel that at least one book — a full book, mind — would be appropriate.

      I don’t know how many more after that. It will depend on how the story unfolds.

      Thanks for the comment — and I’m thrilled you like the series.



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