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9lives1600I’m sure you’ll remember Elysa Hendricks. She was featured here on the blog a few weeks ago. Remember the great paranormal of hers:

I wanted to squeeze in her paranormal book, but the blog schedule wouldn’t allow a full interview.

But now I’ve had the chance to fillet Elysa properly. Elysa writes historicals, paranormals and SFR, so I figure there’s at least one story of hers you’ll like.

She is also graciously giving away a gift, too – see below for details.

Meet Elysa:


elysaWho are your favourite authors?

This a tough question. I have so many favorite authors – Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Anne McCaffrey, John Scalzi, and George RR Martin are just a few. The list is endless and I’m always discovering new authors.

What is your favourite novel cover?

If you’re asking about the covers for my own books, it’s like asking which of my human children I like best. But if I have to pick one cover, I think I’m the fondest of THE SWORD AND THE PEN (see below). There’s just something about a barebacked man with a sword that I find appealing. Of course, even if it doesn’t have a sword, THE BABY RACE cover has a really nice view of a man’s bare chest.

What reading device do you use for reading ebooks on?

I have a simple Kindle. When it dies I’ll probably upgrade to a Kindle HD.

sword and penWhat is your take on the indie author phenomenon?  What do you think the book industry will look like in five years’ time?

I jumped into the indie publishing world in 2011, just after two of my traditional publishing houses folded. The first few books I reissued were a BIG learning experience for me.

On the one hand I love the freedom of indie publishing, being able to write the stories I want to tell, choosing my own covers, being in charge of my career. On the other hand I find the process of publishing exhausting.

It’s difficult wearing all the hats required – writer, cover designer, publisher, and promoter. The rewards can be great, but the process isn’t for the faint of heart.

The changes that I’ve seen in the last five years let me know that I don’t have a clue as to what will happen in the coming five.

Do you ever skip the “I love you!” scene in your novels?  Do you feel you’ve been cheated if they’re missing in other authors’ books?

Even if I don’t use the words “I love you!” in my full length novels I always have the characters express their love for each other. Sometimes in my short stories or novellas, while at the end of the story the hero and heroine are on the path to love and happily ever after, they might not say the words.

In other author’s books if the hero and heroine have shown through their love through their actions, I probably won’t even notice if they don’t say the words.

What’s your take on eBook piracy?  What would you do about it if you were given carte blanche?

I try not to stress over piracy. Mostly I ignore the problem. Trying to stop eBook pirates is like playing Whack-A-Mole. You shut one down and two more pop up. An author could spend all her time and energy chasing after pirates and never make a dent in the problem. I prefer to use my time and energy to write more books.

And I comfort myself by thinking that people who download pirated books probably wouldn’t purchase a copy anyway.

Also, I believe in Karma. Many of the pirate sites are loaded with malware or they’re scams to steal personal information. When someone downloads from a pirate site they just might get more than they expected.

I’m not sure what anyone can do to stop piracy. As long as there have been people, there has been those who cheat and steal.

If someone offered you immortality, but you could never write again…would you take the offer?

I’m not sure immortality is such a great deal. I can’t imagine anything worse than watching everyone I love pass away and knowing that I’ll always be left behind. Writing is part of who I am, giving that up so my body can continue to exist isn’t immortality, it’s just another form of death.

What do you want your epitaph to read, at the end of your life?

She was a good person and she told a great story.

What are you currently reading?  How’s that going for you?

Right now I’m Beta reading a novella Wolfe of the West by Elizabeth Rose. It’s great.

What will you be reading next?

Next I think I’ll be reading some Christmas romances. I just downloaded a couple of Christmas anthologies. Since I live in warm, sunny Florida, I need to read about hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire and sleigh rides through the snow to help get me in the mood for Christmas.

The Desiree Staccato

In honour of Desiree Holt who started this Saturday Night Live style tradition:

Favourite colour? Right now my favorite color is pink, but who knows what it’ll be next week.

Favourite drink?  Raspberry Ice Tea

Favourite writing outfit? Shorts, t-shirt, and sandals.

Favourite food(s)? Shrimp, steak, lobster, and dark chocolate

Favourite music? Classic rock and roll.

Favourite sport? One that’s over. [LOL! – t.]

Favourite body part? Mine or his?

Favourite spot in the world? Wherever my loved ones are.

Favourite movie? It’s a tie between White Christmas and The Day The Earth Stood Still

Favourite TV show? Twilight Zone

Favourite flower? Daisy

Favourite thing to do at knock-off time? Read

Tell us about your book.

star crashThe idea for STAR CRASH came about when I was watching the gorillas at the zoo and they were watching me back. I kept wondering what they were thinking. Then I flashed back to seeing the original Planet of the Apes as well as the Twilight Zone episode with Roddy McDowell called People Are Alike All Over. Mash those ideas with my love of Star Trek and all things sci-fi and STAR CRASH was born.
When STAR TREK meets PLANET OF THE APES what’s a girl to do?

After recon pilot Cora Daniels crash lands on an alien planet she finds herself a prisoner of the Flock: a race of birdlike humanoids. Trapped in their zoo she discovers they intend her to mate. To breed. To be part of their human herd.

She’s placed in a cage with a man – a powerful, virile man, but not just any man – Alexander. Was he her lost love, who’d disappeared so long ago? Here he was: naked, glistening, a warrior trained by the Flock to fight for their amusement. How could the brilliant man, the tender lover she remember have become this animal born to dominate and destroy? Was he a pawn of the Flock or would their flight to freedom be a long-sought reunion?

Book excerpt

“What mad scheme are you planning?”

Alex’s tone reminded Cora of all the times he’d asked that question while they were at the academy. Now, as then, she knew he would try to talk her out of doing anything dangerous. He’d always been the cautious one, looking before he leaped and weighing the odds of success before he tried anything. His careful study of the facts would have served him well as a First Contact diplomat. She on the other hand preferred to gamble. Pilots had to be willing to take calculated risks. And now as then, she’d prevail. She had to. Their lives depended on it. In this she couldn’t give him a choice. Couldn’t let him retain control.

She led him into the chamber and sat with him on the pallet. “We need to get out of here, to escape. You can’t be here for them to take you tomorrow.”

“I’ve told you, escape is impossible.”

“Us here together is impossible, but it happened. We–I can’t . . . I won’t stay here. I’d rather die trying to escape than remain an animal in a cage, but . . .” Her voice broke. “I can’t leave you behind.”

Elysa is giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Winner will be picked at random from comments. Draw closes midnight Wednesday night, and winner will be announced on Friday.


Find out more about Elysa:


Buy Star Crash here:

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My thanks to Elysa for guesting here today, and for her generous giveaway.


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  1. Nice interview! It’s great to read about new authors (new to me!) And naturally, of course, more cool books to check out.

  2. I love Star Trek and Planet of the Apes. Charlton Heston hooked me way back then and I Still go to the theater to watch the new Apes movies. Star Crash sounds right up my alley. Thank you also for the wonderful contest.

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