One Hundred Books And Counting…! Giveaway Winners

At midnight on the 25th the massive giveaway marking the release of my one hundred book closed.

I have spent most of today (as I write this) organizing the random draw of winners, then informing them of their good fortune.

The list of winners is below.  Note, I’m only giving first names, or full names if they were included in the entry, and no email addresses for privacy reasons.  However, I do have full winner spreadsheets.  Winners were drawn by computer.  I just got to record the names and address.  It was as random as it could get.

So, without further…you know.  Here we go:

First prize: Kobo eReader + all Official 100 books


One set each of all Official 100 Books


​$50 Virtual Gift Card


2 $30 Gift Cards

Ann Marie

A 100 Books And Counting…! hoodie each:


​A 100 Books And Counting…! teeshirt each:


​​A 100 Books And Counting…! coffee mug each:

Suzana T.

​A $15 Gift Card each:


One of the Official 100 Books:

Aarone, Alitia, Amiee, Tawania, Maryann, Valerie, Becky, Beverley, bev, Mark, Katherine, Brenna, Brittany, Carla, Cathy, Tori, Veronica Vasquez, Christina, Clay, Loreal, David, Shayla, Deb, Denise, Donna, Deb, Roseann, Joy, Connie, Angeline, Faye, Daniella, Gail, Jennifer, David, Camille, Grant, GY, Vivian, Robert, Diana, Christina, Jackie, Ingrid, Ina Ruth, Ingrid, Jessica, Judie, Julie, Jimette, Rita, Kathy, Lauren, Lenore, Lisa, Liam Lynch, Lisa, Linda, Lyn, Lyn, Malissa, MARCUS MAYLE, Marilee, Matthew Grutza, Sharon Jaffee, nerina, Christine, Nott, Marcy, Darlene, Pamela, Pasi, Pamela, Lea, Pam Stoodley, Rhonda, Helen, Jean, Tina, Sahar, TIM, Julie, Carol, Susan, Stephanie Ebert, Samantha, Robyn, Shelene Diaz, Diana, SCOTT, Susan, Cheryl, Cheryl, Judy, Antonia, Daisy, Vicky, Cindy Collard, Yvonne, Yvonne.

And everyone who entered with a confirmed submission received:

A copy of my four book Starter Library.​

​Congratulations to everyone!

There were over 1,600 individual entries, which is why you see a lot of doubled-up names in there.

Thanks, everyone, for helping mark the release of my 100th book — most especially all the authors who helped get word out about the draw.  They are:

Kristi Ahlers

Sydney Jane Baily

Melissa Belle

Christina Bellinger

Beth Ciotta

M. Jane Colette

Lynn Collins

Thorn Coyle

Leah Cutter

Ruth DuCharme

Syneca Featherstone

Chris Marie Green

Elleby Harper

Liz Hedgecock

Pauline Baird Jones

Marjorie Jones-Cooke

Kay Lyons

Mike Madden

Randy McCharles

Terry Mixon

Kris Pearson

Kayla Perrin

Connie Perry

Barbara Phinney

Jonas Saul

Tom Schneider

Faith V. Smith

Ebuka Stan

Diana Stout

Cheryl K. Tardiff

J.A. Templeton

Blaze Ward

Donna Wilson

Lyn Worthen

For a list of the Official 100 Books, see here.

I hope you’re here when I release book #200!!

​​Cheers, and thank you!!!

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