Big news. More Big Changes Coming Up

Bit of a massive news break, and I thought you should all know.

Remember back in October last year, when I made the announcement about poor sales driving me to unpublish my books from everywhere, and put them into Kindle Unlimited?

If you’re new, or missed that post, you can see it here.

So here’s the thing: Sales are even worse in Kindle Unlimited. And the minuscule payments for page reads don’t even begin to make up the difference.

I have given this a more-than-six-months trial and it has not lived up to the promise of the original experiment. Not even close.

I was facing a choice of poor sales for books that are exclusive to Amazon, or poor sales for books that are available to all readers, everywhere. And it’s not just me. Because of the recession, most authors are struggling, these days.

I’d rather have my books available to all readers everywhere, including on my site. That lets me do fun things like deep discount coupons, and a Christmas Day freebie (remember that one? You guys crashed my site three days running! LOL!).

It also lets me do BookFunnel giveaways (not the sales, but the free book giveaways), which I’ve started up once more.

It also lets me move away from the intense Amazon arena. I will still keep my books available there, but for a while, I will focus upon other retailers, and run promotions and deals on those sites–including mine.

Starting in July, I will once more be running the monthly 20% off sale — so watch your inbox! And if you’re not on the email list yet, go sign up!

The first batch of books has already come down off KU, and are now available everywhere.

They are in three series:

Miltary Romantic Suspense Thrillers. The complete set:

Vistaria Has Fallen series

Vistaria Has Fallen

Prisoner of War

Hostage Crisis

Freedom Fighters

Casualties of War


The Vistaria Affair (Boxed series set)

Victorian Era Historical Romance.

Scandalous Scions series

These are the later books in the series, but the others will be along in a few days’ time:

Season of Denial

Degree of Solitude

Ashes of Pride

Risk of Ruin

Year of Folly

Queen of Hearts

Short Paranormal Romances

These are the only two books in the collection that were commercially released. The other two have remained free and only available on my site.

Eva’s Last Dance

Solstice Surrender

And the full collection list is here.


Want to hear about ALL the returns to the wild?

Because I have well over 100 titles, the process of releasing them all will continue into mid-September. From now on, I will only send news of each series to the appropriate channels (historical, SFR, paranormal, etc. — see the footer at the bottom of all my emails to pick and choose your preferred romances).

I know there were many of you deeply disappointed when I went all-in with Kindle Unlimited. I was, too, but at the time I saw it as a necessary business decision. I’m delighted that it hasn’t worked well enough to continue with it. I much prefer being available everywhere, and I think you do, too.

If you have any questions or concerns, just ask! Even if it’s just to cheer, or pelt me with olives; give me a shout! 🙂


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