8 Warning Signs You Are Addicted to Time Travel Romance

8 Warning Signs You Are Addicted to Time Travel Romance

timeTime travel romance, like Regencies, has a dedicated and fanatical core of readers.  How addicted are you to the clock-buckling genre?

1.  You used to read every historical romance title issued.

You still read historical romances on the rare occasions they’ve been issued, but they are plain steak and potatoes in comparison to the gourmand fare of time travel romances (and you buy every single title that you can find of those, too…)

2.  You catch yourself saying “Anon!” when someone tells you to hurry up.

Not just ‘anon,’ but ‘ye’, ‘dinna’ and other cute by-gone expressions fall unconsciously from your lips in response to innocent questions, and it’s only the astonished silence that makes you look up and wonder what you said.

Worse, sometimes your accent slips, too, and you start sounding…foreign.

3. You’ve developed an interest in Einstein’s theory of Relativity
(as it pertains to time and alternative universes).

You may not realize you’re discussing Relativity, but as soon as anyone speaks about the consequences of travelling back to the past and (gulp) changing it, you’re off like a dirty shirt—you can discuss and analyze until your audience is breathless.  This is the heart and soul of time travel and you own it.

4. You dress men you see/meet in period attire

You see a hunky, interesting man (or better, you meet him!) and you find yourself mentally dressing him in a kilt, or strapping a broadsword on his hip, and wondering how he would look on the back of a horse….

5. You know the history of all the major buildings in your city

Not only do you know when they were built and who designed them, you’ve also checked out engravings and photographs of that time and know what they looked like back then.

When you walk around and inside the buildings, you’re not seeing them as they are; you’re seeing them as they were.

6. You “What if” when you hear breaking stories on the news

When major events are reported, you mentally start mapping out all the decision points that would have led to that event, and how things would have gone if xx had made yy decision instead….

7. You constantly wonder how people from the past would fare doing xxx

When completing mundane tasks of your own, you find yourself wondering how, say, a woman from Henry VIII’s court would react to the idea of French lingerie and makeup, or what a Viking from ancient Scandinavia would make of not just books, but the Internet and wow, Facebook…

8. You know you would look fabulous in a corset or bliaut.

You were made for vintage and historical wear.  It would look so good on you…


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