The Mind Boggles….

enhanced-11497-1422505698-12Recently, I spotted an article on Good eReader proclaiming that the hottest trend in books these days was….

Dinosaur Erotica.

At which point, my imagination completely blanked out.

The article refers to a Huffington Post report.  But out of curiosity, I did a search on Amazon and low and behold, there are 486 titles listed under “Dinosaur Erotica”.

I’m still gasping for breath.

I mean, no one is taking this seriously, right?

Besides, once you browse through some of the titles and read a couple of the blurbs, you realize that this isn’t two modern day humans transported back in time and doing it while the dinosaurs watch.

No, it’s people and dinosaurs.


That comes perilously close to bestiality, even if the animals are fantasy creatures (or, they are now).  For me, it’s too close.  I’m not really a fan of werewolves for similar reasons, even though they are a commonly accepted paranormal creature.

However, these titles are supposedly burning up the charts.

What do you think about…no, I have to say it, just can’t resist…what do you think about Rex appeal?  🙂

4 thoughts on “The Mind Boggles….”

  1. This started approx. half year ago, my author asked me to read one, OMG I couldn’t believe it. It was so out there that it was funny. I then checked as you did, and it was ridiculous how many where out there and they were getting 5 RATINGS. I can only go with bestiality lovers.

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