Happy U.S. Thanksgiving

I’ve posited in the past that no one in the States would be reading blog posts on Thanksgiving morning, and I’ve been wrong (comments proved me so). So if you’re sneaking on-line after stuffing the turkey, do have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Don’t eat too much! Cheers, t.

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Happy Thanksgiving to my US Readers!

While I'm quite certain that not a single US reader will be reading this today -- you'll all be busy cooking turkeys and getting ready for the big occasion -- still, I hope you all have a fabulous day, free of overeating, family arguments and filled instead with laughter, good food and good times. _______

Happy Canuck Turkey Day!

I really cannot believe how fast this year is flying by.  Thanksgiving Day already! I hope everyone north of the 49th parallel is enjoying their day off, hanging with family or friends (or both) and appreciating life for all its joys and foibles. Have a great day! __________

My Life/Working Notes – October 8, 2012

I don't normally like to post another Working Notes so close to the last, but it's been one of those months -- very busy and lots happening to talk about. First up:  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone visiting or living in Canada.  Frankly, I can't believe it's October already.  I just finished with January.... Secondly:  All

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