Pulse Pause Moments – Han Solo

Pulse Pause Moments – Han Solo

han_chewieI don’t think it’s any sort of secret at all that I was kick-started into writing fiction by the original Star Wars movies, and romance was a lock-in after Han Solo’s “I know”.  I’ve written that story in a few places, including here.

It would be fair to say that Star Wars had a profound influence on me.

So did Han Solo.

I tripped over this tweaked gif the other day, and it was a very strong reminder of the power and longevity of an iconic character.

Han Solo has still got it, more than thirty years later.

I am so looking forward to the new movie!




2 thoughts on “Pulse Pause Moments – Han Solo”

  1. Are you kidding me, in preparation for the new movie, I’m revisiting all the previous ones. Tonight is Star Wars III.

    1. Hi Dina:

      That’s the original Star Wars — the one I fell in love with. Now they call it “A New Hope”, which I don’t think anyone really uses as its title unless they’re trying to differentiate between the so-called #1, which was the fourth one made. (I have the hardest time watching that threesome – so dark and depressing).

      I really think I might have to do the same as you and have a Star Wars binge. Except that my annual Lord of the Rings binge is coming up…. Oh, the pressure! 🙂



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