May The 4th Be With You

No self-respecting Star Wars fan can slide by today without at least a mental tip of the hat toward their favourite franchise.  I can’t believe it’s taken me so many years to acknowledge the date here on the blog! So let us pause for a brief moment of reverence for one of the best moments

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1977. A Mere 33 Years And An Eon Of Differences Ago.

Just because many (most?) of us reading this post were alive and can remember 1977 far too well, it’s tempting to think that 1977 really wasn’t all that different from 2010.  Yeah the clothes were really groovy, and the music was downright embarrassing when you listen to it now (except for those folk who insist

Damned Good Romances VII – The Moment of Ultimate Vulnerability

This post is part of a series. Part 1: Damn Good Romances Part II: Romantic Tension Part III: Romantic Conflict Part IV: Emotional Intensity Part V: Heart-Stopping Moments Part VI: Uncertainty of Outcome Part VII: Moment of Ultimate Vulnerability Part VIII: Happy Ever After...For Now _____________ The Moment of Ultimate Vulnerability I think I fell

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