Pulse Pause Moments – Tony and Ziva, Part Deux

t&zDammit, I’m hooked like a wriggling fish.  I swore off NCIS if Tony and Ziva didn’t get their act together (literally) at the beginning of Season 10.  Yeah, they didn’t.

But now it looks like they just might, half-way through the season.  Give a woman a teeny glimpse of hope and she’ll last another quarter century, it seems.

There are fans out there saying they’ll never get together, because that will mean the end of the series.  I dunno about that.  Castle has survived the two main stars getting together just fine, and all the major players in NCIS have just been signed up for three more seasons.

But Tony just sent Ziva off to Israel, and told her in Yiddish that she wasn’t alone as she stepped onto the plane…it was a perfect Casablanca moment.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few episodes….!



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