PULSE PAUSE MOMENTS – Richard Armitage…again.

The-Hobbit-The-Desolation-of-Smaug-Thorin-poster1I know I’ve raved about the majestic Thorin Oakenshield before.

I was given a copy of the director’s extended cut of The Hobbit – An Unexpected Adventure for Christmas, and so far, I’ve watched the movie and 45% of the incredible and fascinating special effects.

I was reacquainted again with the deep, sexy, smooth baritone of Richard Armitage…and those eyes!  Also, I got to watch Armitage being Armitage in the special features, and that voice is not put on, nor is it an effect.  It’s really his voice.

Which makes the actor himself somewhat fascinating.  I’m going to be looking out for more of his stuff.

December 27, we trekked to the cinema and watched The Hobbit — The Desolation of Smaug in 3D.  I’m still not a huge fan of 3D, but for this movie, it made some of the sets really punch up their impact — the size, the scale of everything, the depth.  I’m looking forward to seeing the movie in plain 2D, to see if the effect diminishes in any way.

One of the differences between this movie and the first one was the degree of fighting and violence — there was much more of it.  I suppose that’s par for the course for a Middle Earth movie — the LOTR movies were increasingly war-filled across the series.

The-Hobbit-The-Desolation-of-Smaug-Thorin-Armitage-barrelsBut having said that, in this movie, we got to see Thorin flexing his muscle, both mentally and physically.  He stepped far more into his predestined role as the king of the Lonely Mountain, and spent far more time fighting orcs, and leaping and rolling and generally proving that the passion and drive that was only hinted at in the last movie was a force to be reckoned with.

movies-the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug-03It makes him a much more interesting character!

(Actually, I liked how Bilbo’s character developed, too, but he’s the focus character…and he’s short, besides!)

I am so looking forward to the third movie.  Because Peter Jackson expanded what was essentially a children’s short novel into three whole movies, he’s pulling from every Middle Earth resource and any hint Tolkien left in the stories themselves to expand the material to three movies’ worth.


For that reason, no one can really predict the twists and turns of the movies.   How they further develop Thorin’s character is one of the things I’m most looking forward to.

I suspect elements of Thorin/Armitage/that voice will creep into my stories over the next little while!



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