Mash – October 21, 2016

  The wide-ranging sprawl of eclectic subject matter in today's links should convince you I have the attention span of a gnat--wait, what is that shiny thing over there....? Amazing Painted Plywood Subfloor. Link I've heard of people painting their subfloors before.  Most attempts to do so that I've seen are pretty basic.  Coats of

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It’s going to be a GoT weekend!

I have been very, very patient for over ten weeks now, waiting for the final episode of Game of Thrones to air. Neither of us has watched any of it, and we’ve turned into superior contortionists, twisting our way past major spoilers. Now we get our reward.   We’re going to race around and get the

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Erotic Romance on TV and Film – It’s a Trade Off

Erotic Romance on TV and Film - It's a Trade Off Drama on TV has become edgier and more absorbing by the minute these days.  They're pushing the envelope every year in terms of storylines, and once you move beyond the big four Mom & Pop networks, anything goes in terms of content. That's not

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