Oh! Jon Snow!

Spoiler alert! I can’t talk about this without dropping spoilers all over the place. If you’re still waiting to catch up with Season 5, skip this post until later!


game of thronesSo, we binged on Season 5 of Game of Thrones, and it was wonderful. Although I was talking to a co-worker at my day job, and she is even more disciplined about her watching: She waits until the DVD for the season comes out in September, so she can also watch all the special features.

I just don’t have that sort of patience!

I knew there was a big kerfuffle at the end of the season (what GoT season hasn’t had a big huzzah at the end?).

Have to say, I did not expect them to do what they did. Killing off Jon Snow defies all the common sense that guides most TV series. He is one of the most popular actors/characters in the show. The producers have already acknowledged that the TV series is veering away from the plot developments in the book, so there is no reason to kill him off in the show, even if he does die in the books.


Is he really dead?

You can’t go past a single SF or fantasy blog anywhere without speculation that he’s coming back. Even Tor Books (an almost purely SF&F publisher and a heavyweight in the SF world) weighed in on the debate, adding some interesting observations that hadn’t been thought of until now.

And apparently even Kit Harrington has been rather vague in some of his answers when cornered.

Comic Con in San Diego this year is going to be rife with argument, that’s for sure!  (Was rife…past tense.  I’m posting this after the convention ends.)

Although for me, one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in the whole season was Cersie’s walk through the city naked, as penitence.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, or the actor who plays them.  Phew!

What do you think? Is Jon alive, dead or undead? Tell me what you think in comments!



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