Mash – October 21, 2016


The wide-ranging sprawl of eclectic subject matter in today’s links should convince you I have the attention span of a gnat–wait, what is that shiny thing over there….?

Amazing Painted Plywood Subfloor.


I’ve heard of people painting their subfloors before.  Most attempts to do so that I’ve seen are pretty basic.  Coats of plain paint — that would certainly help with keeping down splinters and dust (I’m currently living with a subfloor in my main bedroom right now and it’s starting to wear).

This painted subfloor, though, is amazing.  I can’t believe they went and put real floor on top of it.  I wouldn’t have wanted to….


So, what the hell IS BitCoin?


When I first heard of Bitcoin, it was described to me as the currency of the dark web.  Since then, I’ve heard references to Bitcoin everywhere, including mainstream TV shows like Castle.  (That one made me blink).

But what is Bitcoin?  This post gives you a thorough explanation.


Early Novels by Michael Crichton


Most people, when you say “Michael Crichton”, tend to think Jurassic Park.   Personally, my knee jerk response is always The 13th Warrior, accompanied by a moment of reverie as I recall some of Dennis Storhøi‘s best lines from the movie.

Michael Crichton wrote an astonishing number of best sellers in his lifetime, but you would be stunned by some of his earlier novels.  Crichton emerged in the very last years of the pulp era, and got his start writing pulp (where he possibly picked up some of the discipline that sustained his later career).

Check out his earliest novels.  You might recognize one or two of them.


10 Great Novels That were Originally Published as Pulp


Speaking of pulp, I’m absolutely certain you’ll have heard of some of these.

It stuns me that Raymond Chandler was a pulp writer.  His style is so distinctive…hard to imagine people paying pennies for magazines that featured his stories!


DIY Game Of Thrones Dresses.


Into Cosplay?  Or into swanning around in pretty dresses?  With Halloween coming up, this is your big chance.

Some of these ideas don’t even need any sewing.



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