Top Posts and Pages for November

Top Five Posts for November This month, I changed the criteria for measuring "top" posts.  Instead of using the pageview count, I used the "unique visitor" count.  As some of the posts have quite a few images and elements on the page, a single visitor could rack up multiple page views with one visit to

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A Toolkit And Compass for Romanceland – Part V

A Toolkit And Compass for Romanceland Because All The Roads Are Being Re-Built (Maybe) Contributing To Word-of-Mouth This is Part 5  (and the last) of a series: Part 1: Romanceland Meltdown Part 2: Finding Books - Part 1 Part 3: Finding Books - Part 2 Part 4: Assessing Books Part 5: Contributing To Word-of-Mouth (Series

Top Posts and Pages for October

Top Five Posts for September 1. Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople Still #1.  What, does no one talk about Constantinople out there? 2. It’s Just A Job – Wood Elves And still #2. Same question. 3. Pulse Pause Moments – Castle & Beckett Hanging in there for the second month.  Anyone keeping up with

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Top Posts and Pages for September

And while the redhead was away... Top Five Posts for September 1. Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople #1 and still champeen... ...but alas, purely because of the images, not because of my deathless research and prose.  <sniff> 2. It’s Just A Job – Wood Elves And still #2.  Wow! 3.  Pulse Pause Moments –

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So you may have wondered about the abrupt and echoing silence that has been my major form of communication for a while. Chirping crickets have been louder, I know. There are generally two reasons that bloggers go silent -- either they've suddenly discovered that blogging is really hard  and they lose interest in it.  Posts

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Top Posts & Pages For April

Some interesting movement this month. There will be for the next few months as the blog builds up some maturity and more readers find me again. Top Five Posts for March 1.  Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople I nearly didn't include this one.  Yes, it is the top post of the month - by

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Comment Oskars – April 2011

So now I've started up the blog again, you as readers and commentators also get your just desserts.  Oskars for talking to me <grin>. Apart from the random draw, these are completely arbitrary and meant in fun.  Each winner gets to pick an ecopy book of their choice from my backlist (so Blood Knot is

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I’m Back! And Boy Do I Have News!

I think the title probably says a mouthful all by itself, so I'll roll right over to the good stuff. :) I have to finish this post then go rebuild my site to accommodate the blog once more.  Which pleases me no end, because I have so missed blogging it's not funny. And there's so

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