Top Posts and Pages for September

And while the redhead was away…

Top Five Posts for September

1. Really Cool Historical Vacation Spots: Constantinople

#1 and still champeen…

…but alas, purely because of the images, not because of my deathless research and prose.  <sniff>

2. It’s Just A Job – Wood Elves

And still #2.  Wow!

3.  Pulse Pause Moments – Castle & Beckett

Can’t tell you how upset I am that this one is #3.  🙂

4.  It’s Just A Job – High Elves

Either no one is writing much about elves in erotic romance, or it’s the sexy images.  But Google Analytics doesn’t tell me it’s the images, so…

5. Intriguing Heroes: Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green)

Awww, gosh damn.  Brian Austin Green made the list.  Now I’m really upset!


Top Five Pages for March

1. Blood Knot

And still #1.

2. Books by Category

Moved up to #2.

3. Tracy’s Trilogies & Series

Bumped from #3

4. About This Site’s Theme

Apparently, there’s a lot of people intensely curious about the decor around here…

5.  Complete Booklist

Lots of people checking out my complete master list of books, too.


Top Five Articles for March

1. MM and MMF – Let’s Try Again. Why Do Women Like Men Who Like Men?

Hands up anyone who is even a little surprised at this one.

2.  The Perils Of Writing Erotic Romance.

Surprise!  A newbie on the list!

3.  What Is Urban Fantasy, Anyway? Urban Fantasy in the Romance field Defined.

And another one.

4. The Ten Best Romantic Moments In Film History

Returning, and sliding up to #4.

5. The MMF Thing…How to Get It

An oldie, but a goodie.


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