Pulse Pause Moments – Quinn and Huck, SCANDAL

HuckSKatie lowescandal has more than its fair share of…well, scandalous relationships and heart-stopping moments.  It’s the best, completely over-the-top melodrama on television these days.  It’s deliciously dramatic and plain good fun to watch.

There’s the love triangle between Olivia, the President and Jake, head of the black ops unit that is at the root of most of the troubles the characters face each week.

There’s always at least one character having sex at least once a week, and usually with someone who isn’t a good idea to have in their bed in the first place.

For a while, I was really enjoying the relationship between Cyrus and his husband, James, until that came to an abrupt end – (avoiding spoilers!) – but dealing with that ending was some of the best high-angst TV I’ve seen in a while.

For a couple of seasons now, however, my interest has been piqued by the very slowly developing relationship between Huck and Quinn.  (Played, respectively, by Guillermo Diaz and Katie Lowes.)

huck and quinnHuck is a sick man (mentally), and he’s trained Quinn to be just like him, which means whatever relationship they have is going to be just as twisted and perverted as they are.  In this current season, the relationship has leapt ahead, bounding over tall buildings in a single step…but here’s the catch:  It’s just as twisted as it promised to be.  I’m trying hard not to spoil anything!

There have been some genuinely interesting and “different” moments between them.  You can see there’s something boiling between them, and the few moments the producers have dangled so far only increase the promise.  As strange and extreme as those scenes have been, all of them are evidence that the relationship the two have has the potential to be explosively hot and passionate, if they can just get past their emotional baggage (which is considerable).

I’m looking forward to seeing what develops….

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