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A Vampire Menage Time Travel Romance series


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Series Order

Kiss Across Time: Kiss Across Time 1.0
Kiss Across Swords: Kiss Across Time 2.0
 Time Kissed Moments: Kiss Across Time 2.5
Kiss Across Chains: Kiss Across Time 3.0
Kiss Across Deserts: Kiss Across Time 4.0
Kiss Across Kingdoms: Kiss Across Time 5.0
Time and Tyra Again:  Kiss Across Time 5.1
Kiss Across Seas:  Kiss Across Time 6.0
Kiss Across Worlds:  Kiss Across Time 7.0
Time And Remembrance: Kiss Across Time 7.1
Kiss Across Tomorrow:  Kiss Across Time 8.0



Two thousand-year-old vampires, Brody Gallagher and Veris Gerhardsson, and the human woman they have bonded with, Taylor Yates, are able to travel through time back to places in their long, personal history.

As they explore their time-travelling ability and learn how to love and what it means to be human, they are challenged by time paradoxes and the danger they bring to their contemporary world. Their enemies—Queen Tira and the Council’s darker members—seek to control their magical abilities and learn their secrets for themselves.

Playing with time has consequences…

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