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3D LuciferSome quick updates on the site.  Very soon, a brand new responsive site will be rolled out, but for now I’m patching and fixing — this site is over fifteen years old and the patchwork is starting to show!

But in the meantime, I recently updated the current edition of Lucifer’s Lover and while I was cleaning up, I also removed the original Foreword to the indie edition.  I’ve made the Foreword its own little essay here on the site and linked it up to the book’s page.

If you’re curious, you can find the essay here, along with every cover version the book has (suffered through) had so far (and if you’ve like to know the history of the covers, you might also have a quick look at Covers Can Make You Crazy.

While you’re clicking around the Lucifer’s Lover page, have a read of the blurb and excerpt and reviews.  If the book appeals to you and you’re not yet subscribed to my newsletter, you can get Lucifer’s Lover for free by subscribing.



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