An Inconvenient Lover

Just a quick note to let you know that my latest release, the contemporary romance  An Inconvenient Lover, is out in paperback at Amazon.

I had to mention it because a) the cover is just so stunning (thank you, Dar Albert!), and it looks even better in the print edition, and b) this is a book I have waited sixteen years to see in print.  As I say in one of the forewords in the book itself — these days the ebook format is the primary edition, and print is subsidiary, so now it’s ironic.

But I’m marking the print release of this one in particular all the same.  It’s been a long, hard and sometimes heartbreaking journey to this point.  For me, this is a bittersweet moment, especially as two of the three people the book is dedicated to will never know it — their influence on me and this book lapsed many years ago and they’ve slipped out of my life now.

Yet I have never forgotten that influence.

Have you had people like that in your life, that changed the direction of your life, early on?

Have you ever told them that?


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