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Xenogenesis is book 4 of The Endurance series and will be released on October 27, 2016.  Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs is up to her usual wicked smartness.  I just love this one!

What do you think?

And here’s a snippet from the book, just to tease you.  (BTW, there’s a whole other snippet on the book’s page here.)



As he was passing the Capitol, Rex made himself look at the Walls, with their rusty and filthy façades. Only the First Wall was fully exposed to his view, with the other Walls lined up behind it. No one could be seen anywhere around the Walls. No one lingered in the area. Why would they? The avenues between the walls were crime-riddled and barren.

Even though he wanted to look away, Rex kept his gaze on the view, until the Field of Mars blocked it.

The car alerted him to a personal call and when he looked at the code, his stomach squeezed. It was Belen’s code.

Before he could debate with himself the wisdom of taking the call, Rex connected it.

Belen stared at him, her jaw stiff with anger. “I saw you on the Bridge,” she said, her voice controlled and mellow. “I asked Tony what you were doing there.”

“Meeting with Tony and his people,” Rex replied. “Is that a problem?” he added, because her fury was evident even on the tiny screen the car was generating.

“He told me you offered to clear the Bridge of all debt for the next five years…for interest!” Her voice took on a rich, roiling note of disgust.

“The Bridge is in financial crisis, Belen. I’m sure Tony has told you that. It’s a way out.”

She looked at him as if he was a piece of rotting meat. “You’re proposing nothing less than usury.”

His heart was hurling itself against his chest, slamming into it hard enough to hurt. There was a high buzzing in his head. The need to spit out the truth was powerful. He gritted his jaw. “Does it matter what it’s called, if it works?”

Belen shook her head. It was a tiny movement, yet Rex knew what it meant. She had given up on him.

Then she straightened and spoke with precise annunciation. “Antonio has asked me to invite you to dinner tomorrow night. He would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the matter in more…relaxed surroundings.”

Rex let out a slow breath, hiding the unrealistic spurt of pleasure her icy invitation had given him. “Under the circumstances, I don’t think that would be a good idea, but thank you.”

“Come to dinner, Rex,” she said stiffly. “Tony insists the future of the ship is on the line. Who am I to resent a dinner companion when the stakes are that high?”

“You don’t mind?” he asked carefully.

“I am completely indifferent. Six p.m. Don’t be late.” She switched the screen off abruptly.

Rex sat back in the seat. The car was already into the Aventine.

“You’re shaking,” Emma said softly.

Rex swallowed. “Most people think I am an asshole. It comes with the territory. They resent my success, or my insistence upon meeting business agreements or paying the penalties. I’m used to it.”

“Most people…but not Belen,” Emma said.

“Oh, Belen more than anyone thought I was beyond redemption. It was comforting, knowing she still cared enough to despise me.” He cleared his throat. “Now, even that is gone.”


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2 thoughts on “Cool New Cover…!”

  1. Love the “snippet”, can’t wait till it comes out. The cover – is she dreaming/thinking of him? He looks like a drawing compared to how she looks; love her look and the tattoo.

    1. She is rather glamorous in a futuristic way, which suits Belen’s character exactly. As for the dreaming/thinking of him…you’ll see when you read the story if that’s appropriate!


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