New cover for THE BRANDED ROSE PROPHECY — the first step-back ebook cover!

Wicked Smart DesignsAs promised I’m doing what I call a “casual” cover reveal…because the cover really deserves a bit of attention, because it’s, well, different.

You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Dar Albert, from Wicked Smart Designs, should get a little bit of applause – she has done all my indie covers and they’re all gorgeous, including this one.

So, without further ado:

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Click on the cover to see the step-back image!

This is a step-back cover – do you know what they are? You probably do, even if you don’t know the name. They’re the covers from the 1990s, where there was a fairly plain cover that might feature a simple object – ring, country estate house, sword, a flower.   The cover was chopped a little bit short of the edge of the book, causing you to flip the cover open and reveal a big four-colour spread, showing the hero and heroine and anything else interesting from the story, laid out in a montage that, theoretically, made you want to read the story.

This is the first ebook step-back I’ve ever seen. Click on the plain cover to open up the spread “inside”!

Tell me what you think! Wanna read the book now?

If you like the cover, drop by Dar’s Facebook page and graffiti her wall and let her (and her fans) know. Also tell me, too!

And here’s a little bonus — the print version:


And just to save you from squinting at the small print, here’s the blurb:

Enduring, undying love…

Charlee Montgomery grew up knowing in her bones that Asher Strand, the man who rescued her from a gang fight when she was a child, is the only man she will ever love.

But Asher is not what he seems to be. Asher and the people he calls his own—the Kine—live a very different life, one that is secret even from those close to them, including Charlee.   It is a secrecy that is maintained ruthlessly. As Charlee begins to understand Asher’s true nature and the feelings he has for her, she also learns how Asher’s love puts her in mortal danger.

The ancient bridges connecting Earth to the other eight worlds are opened by Sindri, an imposter living among the Kine. The betrayal allows their ancient foe, the Alfar, to descend upon Earth, intent upon conquering the globe and winning godhead for themselves. The only defense humans have against the mystical and powerful Alfar are the Kine, who must emerge from their hidden life and take up the role that was prophesied long ago as Man’s protectors.

The Kine are weak from centuries of exile on Earth. Without Asher’s leadership, they will fall, and man will fall with them. But to take up his role as a leader, Asher must give up any hope of living a human life with Charlee and find a way to defeat the most powerful enemy the Kine…and humans…have ever faced.

More about the book here.


4 thoughts on “New cover for THE BRANDED ROSE PROPHECY — the first step-back ebook cover!”

  1. Carolyn Valdez

    I really love the way you did this cover. It definitely does make me want to read more.

    1. Hi Carolyn:

      Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad you like it.

      But Dar Albert, who has done all my covers to date, is the one that did it. I just supplied creative criteria. 🙂 She’s talented, isn’t she?



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