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Diana by the Moon
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And for everyone who was disappointed, back in June, when this post popped up too early and they rushed over to Amazon — this is for you.  Really, truly, this time.  🙂


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This is the first time I’m offering Diana by the Moon free. Hope you enjoy it!


He is Arthur’s man. His duty is his life. She fears and mistrusts him. The only way they will survive is to work together.

Britain, 469 A.D.:  Shortly after the Roman legions returned to Rome, leaving Britain open to Saxon attacks, Diana’s abusive parents die during a Saxon raid on their villa farm, the same day her brother takes most of the male slaves and servants to join the rebel Celt, Arthur.

Diana, who no longer trusts anyone, must find a way for the women in her household to survive after the enemy has stolen everything. They struggle to eke out a living from the meager provisions remaining.

Alaric, proud Celtic warrior and trusted lieutenant to the upstart British leader, Arthur, has been sent by him to establish and maintain a line of signal beacons — one of which must be built on a strategic hill on Diana’s property.

His mission is critical to the security of Britain.  Alaric must overcome his hatred of Romans if he is to fulfill Arthur’s ambitions in the north.  He forces Diana to agree in return for the protection of Alaric and his men.  Diana is pulled into a deadly political net, when Roman British enemies, including the Bishop of Eboracum, take exception to her new Celtic allies.

A haunting tale of two lives touched by the coming of King Arthur, and two hearts and souls struggling to come together against odds as great as those against Britain itself. Only together will they survive, or else be sundered…forever.

Diana by the Moon is part of the Jewels of Tomorrow series.

Reviewer’s Top Pick, Romantic Times Magazine

Night Owl Reviews Reviewers’ Top Pick

This novel drew me in so completely, so thoroughly, time just simply fadedDiana by the Moon is a work of written art. Tracy Cooper-Posey has penned a beautiful story; of one woman’s courageous journey of self-discovery amidst turbulent times. Love Romance Passion

With her dedication and sheer will, Diana is an enthralling and moving character. Alaric and Diana’s hot and delicious romance exceeds expectations. Another “can’t miss” by Cooper-Posey! Night Owl Reviews

The innate need to love and be loved, captures the reader’s attention and heart. Tracy Cooper-Posey is a superb story teller and creates realist scenes of life and the struggles of that age. Lifts up hope for humanity and shows a remarkable, giving love that fills the heart with happiness. GOOD READING! Long and Short Reviews

A fast-paced emotional story that will warm your heart and fire your blood. Gripping characters and descriptive writing makes this a book that you will want to read all over again. This reviewer had trouble putting this book down and found myself with tears in my eyes. Fallen Angel Reviews

A riveting, incredibly gripping and spell binding novel of suspense, drama and romance. The book is carefully researched and contains an amazing amount of detail to the time period. Diana by the Moon is one book this reviewer will never get rid of. Love Romances

What makes this book a good read is that the author has breathed such life into her characters. What comes across most strongly is the internal beauty and integrity of the characters. As an historian, I can attest that the historical background and ongoing story is quite plausible and well-constructed. Sharpwriter.com

It’s Alaric’s deep sense of honor and goodness that makes this sensitive tale so appealing. It’s a beautifully written novel with a distinctly different plot than most Arthurian books. I highly recommend Diana by the Moon. It’s well researched with two very strong and appealing lead characters. Romance Reviews Today

Presents a modern tale of passion against a historical backdrop of battle, honor, and chivalry. Ms. Cooper-Posey has a deft touch. eBook Reviews Weekly

I adored it. It was truly an excellent book. I loved this story. LouiseBrown.net

Diana by the Moon easily ranks as one of the best historical romances I have read this year. Tracy Cooper-Posey deftly blends historical detail with heart-touching romance, a beautifully rendered plot and compelling characters that will haunt you for days after you read the last page. The BookNook

With this marvelous tale she perfectly captures the strength of her incredible heroine in prose which is distinctive, sharp, crisp and yet powerfully feminine. Wordweaving



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