BLOOD KNOT Available Everywhere (Not Just Amazon) – Friday!

BLOOD KNOT by Tracy Cooper-PoseyOn Friday (the day after tomorrow), the first book in my vampire romance series called the Blood Stone series, Blood Knot, becomes available everywhere and not just Amazon.

Blood Knot‘s KDP Select term expires, and I can return the book to the retail shelves at Smashwords, Kobo and All Romance eBooks.

It will take a few days/weeks for the book to filter through to the secondary retailers like Apple, Sony, and Barnes and Noble, but I’ll add those links to the book’s page here on the site as they pop up.

To celebrate the new freedom, I have reworked the interior of the book — changing the front and end matter, updating it, and tweaking the story here and there to smooth it out even more.

All my books currently enrolled in the KDP Select program (where they must remain exclusively for sale at Amazon only) will have their Select terms expiring in the next few weeks:

Blood Knot – February 20, 2013

Chronicles of the Lost Years – March 1, 2013

The Case of the Reluctant Agent – March 6, 2013

Blood Stone – March 11, 2013

Dead Again – March 23, 2013

Bannockburn Binding – April 2, 2013

Byzantine Heartbreak – April 2


It is very sweet that Blood Knot go back to “normal” and available for everyone on Friday.  Friday is my birthday.  It’s also Mark’s birthday.  It’s also our wedding anniversary.  Oh, and it’s the anniversary of the day we met.  Yeah, we don’t do things by halves.

It seems appropriate that Blood Knot be the first of my books to emerge from the Select program, and on such a day, too.  It’s my absolute top personal best-selling book.  It’s been an Amazon #1 Best Seller (Fantasy Romance category).  It’s been nominated book-of-the-year.

I’ll post links to the new retailers on Friday.  Let your vampire romance/MMF romance reading friends know.



6 thoughts on “BLOOD KNOT Available Everywhere (Not Just Amazon) – Friday!”

  1. Hi, Great news for your books! Will your tweakings to the blood stone books be available as updates for those of us who have already bought them? P.S. Sooo looking forward to the third blood stone book.

    1. Hi Kay:

      Amazon do alert owners of previous versions of books of updated editions, so yes, you will be able to access the newer tweaked version. If you don’t get a notice in your email, try checking the status of your copy of Blood Knot on your virtual bookshelf on (under Manage my Devices), in a day or two. There should be a button that lets you update.



  2. Will Blood Knot be available on kobo soon? I can find book 2 in the series on kobo but this one is not available. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

    1. Hi RC:

      This post you found is from February this year. Since then, I’ve had to revert BLOOD KNOT to the KDP Select program on Amazon (along with quite a few of the first books in all my series).

      One of the restrictions that comes with the KDP Select program is that the book can only be available electronically at Amazon. (Print can be sold elsewhere).

      On the positive side, Select subscribers get BLOOD KNOT for free. Plus, every now and again, I can offer BLOOD KNOT free to anyone, for five days.

      There are two ways you can obtain a copy of BLOOD KNOT even if you do not have a Kindle:

      1) If you use a tablet or cellphone or other handheld device, or your laptop or computer, then you can download the free Kindle software and install it on your device. This lets you read the thousand of Kindle titles that aren’t available anywhere else.

      2) You can download BLOOD KNOT and convert it to the format that your reader uses. As you mentioned Kobo, you would need to convert it to ePub. I don’t place DRM protection on any of my indie titles, so once you have purchased a copy, you can convert it to whatever format(s) you want. A conversion program like Calibre will convert my books without issue. Then you can upload the book to your reader.

      Hope this helps!



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