Friday’s Mash – February 22 (My Birthday!!!)

Goodies I’ve found from chatting, cruising and working lately:

Interesting Sites

Guilty Pleasures Reviews Blood Stone

…and a lovely review it is, too.

Love This Road 

Mark has started blogging, now, too.  This is his blog.

Which has created situations in our house that I never thought would happen, ever.  Such as both of us voluntarily choosing to spend a Saturday evening writing.  And the world just spun on its stalk…

But Mark’s blog is very different from mine.  Check it out.

All Romance eBook’s Annual Survey Results

Last year, ARE distributed their survey results to all their publishers, and I interpreted the results here on my blog.

This year they’re only sharing the results with certain bloggers.  I’m not going to interpret that change.  🙂

Dear Author got to host ARE and their annual survey this year.

Mark Coker on The Future of eBook Publishing…Again.

In January, he gave us 21 predictions.  Now he expanding his themes.  Amazon is so screwed, if you believe Coker.

Blood Stone Review on PRUF Reads

PRUF Reads is a new-t0-me review site.  I didn’t ask them for the review, and didn’t provide the book copy.  The review just popped up out of nowhere and it’s a fabulous one, too.

It took me a while (d’uh) to figure out that PRUF is Pananormal Romance and Urban Fantasy — the preferred genres of the site.

Eight Steps to Publish Your First Indie Book

My February indie column is up at Night Owl Romance.


Blue Knight – new Reviews.

There’s a doozy five star review been added.  Phew!

Blood Knot – Everywhere Else including Amazon

Today is the day — Blood Knot is now available (with a re-worked edition) at:

Amazon Kindle | Amazon Print | Barnes & Noble Print | Smashwords | ARE | Kobo |


Have a great weekend!

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