5,001 – A Great Little Intro To SFR

5001 3D MagAfter the long (long!) intro to Faring Soul, my first SFR novel coming out next month, I had a sudden brainwave.

I did a marathon stint at the computer to lightning-publish this SFR short story, called 5,001 – a Science Fiction Romance Short Story. It’s a cheap and quick way to try SFR if you’ve never read any before, or to try my SFR and see if you think I’ve got the chops. 🙂 (SF readers, after all, are as discerning as romance readers.)

It’s out now and available almost everywhere. B&N and iTunes, as usual, are trailing behind, but it will show up there in a few days. (But you could buy the ePub version from ARE or Smashwords and side-load it to your Nook or iTunes reader, if you don’t want to wait.)

Here’s the blurb:

Master Engineer Caelen Williams is the most sought-after contractor aboard the closed-system marathon-class vessel Endurance, a generation ship at least four hundred light years away from its destination. Captain Lakewood, leader of the space-faring city, demands she resolve a life-threatening issue—the ship is losing water.

Caelen’s former lover, Devar, was wrongly persecuted by Lakewood’s people but for the sake of everyone aboard the Endurance, Caelen tries to solve the riddle of the draining water and learns that Devar is not the only one who may have been manipulated….

This is a short science fiction romance story, for fast reading and enjoyment.

There’s an excerpt here, too.

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