What I’m Reading – September 15, 2014

I’m so terribly tempted to say “I’m reading nothing!” because my son got married three days ago, and I’ve only just got home from the mountains and faced the blasted moonscape that is my house, after the chaos of preparations for the wedding.

But I did read a couple of pages here and there late at night, to send myself to sleep:

plot thickensThe Plot Thickens: 8 Ways to Bring Fiction to Life

Noah Lukeman
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I liked and use Noah Lukeman’s HOOKED so I thought I’d try this one, too. He’s spending a big chuck of time on character, rather than plot, so I’m on the verge of putting it aside, but the value I got out of HOOKED is keeping me (slowly) turning pages, waiting for potential gold.


Stephen King

This book took a long novel, ever. But I found it slow going in places. It’s been a long long time since I read it and there are whole sections in there that I found almost tedious, this time around. So I started skimming.

Alas, I think Stephen King is starting to lose his lustre for me. I don’t know if I’ve just read too much of him, read individual titles too often, or if I have grown as a writer to the point where his indulgences are highly visible, now.

on writingOn Writing

Stephen King

Directly as a result of reading (sort of) Christine, I flipped over to On Writing. I remember the book as being highly entertaining and interesting…but only the biographical parts.

This time, I started reading the how-to and craft sections of the book, then stopped (family weddings have a way of derailing nearly everything else in your life!).

But I’ve mentally bookmarked the how-to stuff as a something to go back and study, later. King was an English teacher before he quit to write novels, and it shows. There’s some good stuff in there. But King and I will never agree on the usefulness of plotting (I plot compulsively, he doesn’t plot at all).

primalThe Primal Blueprint

Mark Sisson
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Also a direct result of my son’s wedding, and the three week feasting and drinking that went with it, I’ve dusted off my copy of The Primal Blueprint and I’m heading back to basics. A week or so of cleansing, then clean eating for a while.

I’m also back to yoga and windsprints, too.


I’d love to add more to the list, but honestly, I just haven’t been reading this month!

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