What I’m Reading – November, 2014

It’s been a sparse couple of months, reading-wise. I’m fighting to get the big book written, which is taking up a lot of spare time. Although, ultimately, I would rather be writing than reading…and I’m pretty sure you think I should be, too.


Kathryn Kristine Rusch

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This is most definitely a for-authors book, but small business owners may find some gold in it, too. A prolific author and a savvy business-woman, Rusch presents a solid, well-researched take on the current state of the publishing industry, which has been fluxing wildly for several years now. She also provides some very cluey ideas on running a small business.


fast metabolismThe Fast Metabolism Diet

Haylie Pomroy

On Amazon

I’ve only just cracked the cover on this one – barely into the introduction. I admit I’m a bit resistant to reading it for a couple of reasons: The claim that you can lose 20 pounds in 28 days seems extreme…does that mean the diet is one of those stupid drink-grapefruit-for-a-month things? I will find out, I guess. The second reason is that I follow a pretty pure Paleo eating plan these days, and a lot of diet books are still stuck in the low-fat-is-god mentality.

The author is considered a celebrity (I’ve never heard of her), which is another mark against it, but I am reading it to see if there’s any useful information.


mason jar mealsMason Jar Meals: Quick and Easy Recipes for Meals on the Go, in a Jar

Amber Brooks

On Amazon

This seems like such a good idea! Mason jars come in all sizes these day, plus they’re made of glass and metal – no nasty toxins leeching into your food. The size of a standard Mason Jar is also convenient for stuffing into your tote or back-pack, too, and the screw-off lid won’t come off just because you jig the wrong way and splash cold soup all over your laptop (yes, alas, I speak from experience….)

I’m still on the intro for this one, too.

Additional, later note:  I brought some wide-mouthed Mason Jars this weekend, and I made all my lunch salads for the week as Mason jar meals.  They’re much easier to carry than big, flat lunch boxes!







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