What I’m Reading

More fiction! I think I’ve read more fiction in the last three months than I have for the whole year before that.

Steel World

steel world

B.V. Larson


Space Opera! And a military hero that goes through a huge learning curve.

This isn’t a romance, but it is filled with heroes and other worlds. Fun stuff.


The Roman Empire

roman empire

Andrew Lantz


Thousands of books have been written about Rome, both the Republic and the Empire. This one isn’t an academic text, but written for lay people interested in finding out more about the largest, most powerful and longest surviving empire in history.

Of course, this is research for me. Ancient history…love it!


Take Off Your Pants

pantsLibbie Hawker


This is a writing how-to, but it’s short, to the point, and simplifies plotting and outlining for anyone who has ever resisted the idea. I’m a compulsive plotter and outliner, so this was a great review for me.


The Power of Habits

havitsKyial Robinson


Kyial Robinson has an unusual spelling of his first name that I might just have to steal for one of my heroes, one of these days.

Apart from that, his book deals with “habit stacking”, which is a new buzzword that is floating about the productivity circles these days. I first heard about habit stacking on LifeHacker.com but this book is a short, cheap summary of how it works.


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