The White-Haired Girl From Witcher…

The White-Haired Girl From Witcher…

This is just one of about six teaser graphics I did for the release of High King of Britain, (you can find the rest here, by scrolling down the posts) and I was thrilled about this one in particular, because the model in the stock photo I used to build the teaser was so exactly like Mair, the heroine in High King.  Spitting image, sword and all.  Even the attitude is right.

My son, who is a huge gamer, sent me a private message when he saw the teaser pop up on Facebook last week.  “Hey Mum, that’s someone cosplaying a character from Witcher III.”

Under normal circumstances, I might have responded, “Huh?”

Falling into the weird coincidences department, though:  When I built my soundtrack selection for this book, I included a lot of Witcher III tracks.  So I actually knew what it was!  Go me!

Anyway, I’m coopting the look.  As far as I am concerned, this is Mair.

If you’ve read the book already, you tell me.  Is she dead ringer for Mair, or not?


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