In Space, *Everything* Will Be Recycled

In Space, *Everything* Will Be Recycled

Including your poop.

Packing food for space travel can be a drain on space and fuel. NASA/Public Domain

According to NASA, the only way to off-set the costs and problems with hauling anything into space is through ruthless recycling of everything.  On the space station, everything but feces is already cycled.  Once you get over the jitters of consuming recycled human sweat and urine (and worse), it makes sense.

Although it’s not a perfect logic one finds in many science fiction novels these days.

Robert A. Heinlein used to describe his ships as ending with a positive water balance at the end of a trip, but he also had a thing about families bathing together, so that could be personal bias.

There are a lot of uncomfortable new ideas one has to get used to when dealing with space, including the two tubes (three for women) that are needed inside a space suit.  I actually deal with this in one of my science fiction romance novels, Junkyard Heroes.

But still, it’s an uneasy subject just to think about, right?

Speaking of Robert Heinlein, just recently, more and more of his books have started appearing in ebook format.  Also, they’re not rip-off prices, either.  Starship Troopers (which some say is the grandaddy of military SF) is only 99 cents (or at least, I *think* it is — as I’m blocked from looking at book prices on, I have to guess).  Also, Friday (one of my favourites of his) is very cheap, too.

I know I’m going to be picking up some of his books I don’t already have.


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  1. I know you probably think the movie Starship Troopers was awful, but I loved it.

    1. STARSHIP was like many book adaptions and most movies about King Arthur: If you forget any relationship to the book, and just watch it on face value, it’s entertaining.


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