Pulse Pause Moments – The King

stephen kingI usually write about some hero or other who has done yummy things to my pulse, when I write Pulse Pause Moments, but lately, I haven’t been watching a lot of TV or movies, and certainly nothing that has featured a great hero.

What I have been doing, though, is rereading a lot of books that have been sitting on my shelf for years and years, collecting dust because they weren’t ebooks.   Now I’ve finally acquired the ebook version, I’ve been reading through old favourites that I barely remember anymore. These stories are so frozen by time, it’s like reading them for the first time.   It’s so much fun!

One of my old-time favourite authors is Stephen King. I had drifted away from his stories quite a long time ago, but when I was in school, I loved his stuff.

Now, I’m re-reading all his books from the first one he published, Carrie, and onwards. Reading them as a published author is an eye-opening experience.

But in one respect, Stephen King hasn’t changed. His stories grab you and hold on, and you just have to keep reading. The King stops pulses in an entirely different way than your average romance hero. But he’s still damned good to read.




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