Pulse Pause Moments – The Good Wife

1Sheet_Master.qxdLike we do with most TV series, we delayed getting hooked on The Good Wife until it was in its fourth season.

Even then, we nearly abandoned it after a few episodes as it failed to grab us straight away.

This would have to be one of the most “sleeper” series I’ve ever ran across.  We have found that after about five episodes of a series, we’re in a pretty good like/hate position to carry on or abandon the show.

Dexter is one example.  Both of us hated the first three episodes, but episode four turned us around 180 degrees, and we are thoroughly hooked on it now.

But The Good Wife coasted along in neutral for nearly ten episodes until I started wondering what might happen next, and actually caring about it.

It is a family rated show on a prime network, but even so they manage to squeeze in a fair amount of sex (implied, usually) and romances.

The big romance(s) of the series is the marriage of Aleisha and Peter Florrick, and Aleisha’s on-again off-again romance with her boss, Will Gardner.

THE GOOD WIFESurprisingly, I’m less interested in that (although I would like her to get a clue and grab Will!) than I am in some of the supporting cast.

The character of Carey Agos, played by Matt Czuchry, evolved from being a petty, competitive slime bag into one of the most interesting (and lonely) characters on the show.  He has any number of potential romances he could slide into, but the one that is the most intriguing is that between him and Kalinda.

THE GOOD WIFEKalinda Sharma, played by Archie Panjabi, is arguably the most enticing and fascinating character on the show (and they’ve had some doozy guest characters that stole whole episodes, including Australian actor John Noble playing yet another eccentric, intelligent conspiracy theorist nut).

Kalinda is so self-contained and independent she makes your teeth ache, but she also has had the hottest romances and sex scenes in the entire series.  She struts.  Everywhere.  And she’s gets really, really hot guys breathing heavily into her shell-like ear.

good-wife_KalindaThere’s something between her and Carey Agos.  They have these moments where the sexual tension is thick enough to stop pulses, but Kalinda always walks away with all her buttons still fastened.  She manages to pull that off with nearly everyone she gets up close and personal with, including women.  She describes herself a “flexible”, not lesbian, and she has no qualms about using sex to push her own agenda.

She’s also got into some really tight corners and figured her own way out — including physically tackling men about twice her weight and a foot higher than her…and won.

Fascinating, as I said.

I’m looking forward to Season 5, which starts in September.  There’s some potential moments for all these romances implied in the season 4 closer.


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