Pulse Pause Moments — Richard Flood, the Irish Scrapper

flood 1I caught a passing reference to Crossing Lines a few weeks ago and promptly tuned in because it’s a great premise for a show.  It’s a TV series featuring an intelligence unit attached to the International Criminal Court — they investigate crimes that cross international borders.  They’re based in The Hague, but every episode stretches across more than one country, which gives the series some of its appeal.

It’s also big on character development, and the ensemble cast each have their own backstories and issues to deal with.

The pilot didn’t pull any punches, either.  I refuse to spoil it, except to say that it introduced a new possibility for recasting into a novel somewhere along the line.

Richard Flood is an Irish actor who plays the very Irish Tommy McConnell, a detective with a dark history that includes a Northern Island family with a shady past, bare-knuckle boxing, and an ability to shoot with both hands, simultaneously and accurately.

flood 2He’s stubborn, independent, moody and basically, everything you love about wounded alpha heroes.

The accent is another plus.  🙂

The pulse pause moments I’m thinking about mostly happen in the pilot episode (I did say they didn’t pull any punches), when he gets his heart broken in a very unexpected way.

All in all, he’s a lad worth watching…



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