Pulse Pause Moments — Goran Višnjić and Timeless

Wow, how time flies!  Here we are, in the middle of March, and the last one of these I did was in December last year!!

Anyway, recently we got around to watching the first season of Timeless, the new time travel series.  Both Mark and I write time travel stories and are fascinated by them, so Timeless was a natural for us.  We barely waited for the last episode of season 1 to start watching the series, and finished the first season in ten days, despite trying to slow down and savour the episodes — and there was some great ones!

Unlike some series, where we have to sit through a few episodes to actually start enjoying the show, (I’m looking at you, Blindspot), we were hooked from the very first episode of Timeless — and we went into the show knowing it had received some critical reviews and were nervous about it.  Shouldn’t have worried — it was a blast from the get-go.

Although I didn’t expect to find an interesting new hero model in the show.  The trailer showed the actual hero as being pretty young and less inspiring for me.

The bad guy, though…well, hmmmm.

Goran Višnjić is an Eastern European actor who, if you watched ER, you will recognize.  I didn’t see ER, so he was a new and interesting face for me, especially as ER was 80s/90s TV, so Goran Višnjić is now in his 40s.  And let me tell you, he has aged like fine wine.

He’s the antagonist in the series, Garcia Flynn, but he’s not a cardboard cutout — he’s got genuine and heartfelt reasons for doing what he’s doing, and even the main characters often feel conflicted about why they’re trying to stop him.

But he is a very good schemer, and a great alpha bad boy.  So much so, that I found myself using him as a role model for a new character in the upcoming Book 6 in the Kiss Across Time series, Kiss Across Seas (which I just finished writing this morning!).

There are rumours flying that Goran Višnjić is being considered for the James Bond role, which is currently vacant — although I heard another rumour that said Daniel Craig was reconsidering his decision to walk.

He looks like he’d make a great James Bond!

The only strike against him is that he is not English, although that would make him the third James Bond that isn’t English.  Sean Connery is Scottish (and so was Bond, apparently), and George Lazenby was Australian.  Also, if you really want to push the definition of “English”, Timothy Dalton is Welsh and therefore not technically English. (The Welsh would agree with me, I’m sure.)

I haven’t checked the bios on the rest of the Bonds, but I’m pretty sure they’re all genuinely English.

I think I could live with Daniel Craig walking from the role if Goran Višnjić gets it!  What do you think?


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