I kid you not.  Being grabbed by little green men is of sufficient noteworthiness to have a day in honour of it. [link]

It’s the day to watch some great alien abduction movies, like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Signs (so freaky!), and for the more serious take on the theme, my favourite:  The Abyss.

I thought I’d do a search and find a few alien abduction romances.  Oh, wow!  Talk about opening a can of worms!

Goodreads has a long list of favourites here.

Amazon is overrun with these romances — anyone would think romance readers like the idea of being whisked away by a green man.  Although sometimes he’s blue, too…

The Barbarian’s Reluctant Mate by Celia Kent

Duron by Maia Starr

Her Alien Beast by Alyssa Ezra 

Fire Planet Warrior’s Captive by Calista Skye

Alien Commander’s Captive by Ashley Hunter

and just to make sure it is an equal opportunity day, author Christa Maurice contacted me to let me know her romance, Surface Tension, is about the romance couple abducting the alien, in a nice little twist!


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