Pulse Pause Moments – Colin Farrell

Have you ever noticed how some actors float around the edges of movieland, doing bits here and there, and then suddenly hit a groove and start pumping out movie after movie?

Colin Farrell is one of those actors. He’s been a star for years, but the roles he’s played and the amount of work he’d done was just …okay.

Now, suddenly, he’s everywhere, and the sort of roles he’s playing are meaty, interesting character studies and star-studded parts.

I was always aware of him as one of the really good-looking actors that seemed just a bit green. Well, the bloom is off. He’s seasoned, still very good looking, thank you very much, and everyone is casting him in everything.

Just lately, I’ve seen him in Saving Mr. Banks (brilliant!), A Winter’s Tale, and last weekend, caught up with the Total Recall remake, which was fabulous (and my God, was he ripped!).

He’s just finished filming the second season of True Detective, and if it’s of the same calibre as the first season, it’s going to be a damned good show. I’m dying to see him in that.

There’s no specific pulse pause moment I’ve seen him in lately, but there is one going back a few years now. I often “cast” actors and models as characters in my books. It’s a good way to get a mental image of how characters speak and move and look. By the time I’m finished writing a book, the actual character will have moved far beyond the original actor/model jumping off point.

Way back when I was first starting the Kiss Across Time series, I was looking for a an Irish model for Brody…and found the perfect one in Colin Farrell (with long hair!)

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